My experience in the Sign Industry started at the age of 16 when I went to work for a local sign company in Roswell, New Mexico. I was hooked from then on. My initial training was based on "Old World" techniques such as hand lettering, screen printing and eventually gold leaf and hand carved signs.

As computers invaded the sign industry, I made it my goal to become as proficient as possible with the new technology. Starting with the original Gerber 4B, I strove to be as cutting edge as possible, learning new skills and combining new technologies while trying to remain true to my original artistic desires.

After more than thirty years, the result of my endeavors has been an exceptionally well rounded mix of all aspects of the sign industry. I still remain artistic but I am also able to use technology to be fast and accurate, which makes me very competitive.                     Read more...
In today's economic times and job market, a well designed portfolio is essential.  This is an attempt to demonstrate existing skills and accomplishments as well as demonstrate current abilities in web design and web based graphics.
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This site was constructed by David Waltersdorff / Neon Alien as a digital portfolio of my extensive experience in the sign industry. Please enjoy the information provided and feel free to contact me with your own feedback about the site.

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