It's hard to put thirty years of experience in a concise format. So much has happened in the Sign Industry as well as my personal life that it seems I would have to publish a book to get it all out.

I feel I have been especially fortunate to have had as many experiences, both good and bad, as I have. I was able to begin my trade when the Artist was still respected and I have been able to build my skills on that foundation. With the proliferation of computers and digital design in the industry today, I have honed my skills and still managed to remain artistic.

Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting some fascinating people and been able to visit some unique locations, all due to the common thread of signs. I look forward to another couple of decades of discovery, innovation and creation.


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   David Waltersdorff has more than 30 years real life experience in the Sign Industry, beginning with a completed apprenticeship where he was certified  as a Journeyman Sign Crafter. His initial training focused on hand lettering and screen printing as well as more specialized aspects including gold leaf, hand carved signs and detailed, hand drawn logos and artwork.  
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